Monday, April 13, 2009


When I started this Polemical Art Contest on FAA I thought that there would be a lot of really controversial entries. I was wrong.
There were only a few images that were powerful, deeply meaningful, and that actually had a strong message for or against something.
Elizabeth Edwards (thanks for your invaluable help and insight) and I juried this contest.

The winner is The Rose of Sodom by V Holecek

This painting put an image to my thoughts. An image not far from the one I already had in my head, because I believe that Jesus was a very controversial man, with an incredible perception of the human kind, the greatest revolutionary of all times and also homosexual. Although his sexual orientation is neither relevant nor confirmed, it certainly is controversial when there is an attempt to talk about it.
However, the meaning of this painting goes beyond any sexual preference or transgression.
To me it simply says: The war is over. Let there be peace.
And that is a deeply powerful revolutionary and beautiful unlikely-to-ever-happen message.
This is what V said about his painting: "This is a piece dedicated to strong feelings for something that can never be, for whatever reason. Feeling and wanting something so much that it didn't matter how right or wrong it beautiful or ugly it might become...or what others might think of it. Things like the moral ramifications of it just never figure into the emotions felt. It's a very "in the moment" sort of piece. For just that fleeting moment, there is only bliss...serene and warm". V. Holecek.

Well there you have it. You can visit V Holecek's website for more of his great work and you can also leave a comment here if you wish to opine.


I have recently joined It's a great site for artists who want to, not only showcase their art and sell prints, but also to interact with a cosmopolitan community.

One of the many features of FAA are the contests. You can enter your work, vote, enjoy and even create your own contest. I have contributed to some of them, which you can check out by clicking here and cast a vote too.
I have also created one, "Polemical Art". The idea behind this one is to show some controversial art, shocking and with a "wow" effect. The winner will have his/her work posted for public discussion and we all get to talk about it. That's the fun part!
It will also be featured here in my blog, so you can also comment about it.

My brother sent me this and I was amazed by this artist's work. His name is Yacek Yerka . I have no words to describe his paintings. I invite you to check them out by yourself. You'll thank me for the inspiring moment!

I am always looking for great art so I've decided to show you some of my favorite pieces, starting with FAA.
Please, feel free to comment on any of these. Your thoughts are always appreciated and respected.