Monday, January 24, 2011

Enigma and The Social Song

Enigma and The Social Song
A couple of months ago, an exceptional artist, M. Cretu, decided to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Enigma's first album, inviting everyone who's ever appreciated and enjoyed their music to be part of The Social Song Project. The song is just beautiful. And because of the massive response, they decided to extend the project with a contest for the Album cover, which, once again, it revealed outstanding artists. I was honored by having one of my submissions among the Top 10. The entire process was an incredible experience, because Enigma has always been a profound source of inspiration for my work. I want to dedicate this to my mom. She would have been proud.
Following up on this...
Enigma decided to go even further: The Social Song Video. I can't wait to see what will people come up with. I have seen many very talented artists throughout the previous phases of the project...

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