Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trying to get your website out there.

When I see that I have only had and average of two visitors a day to my recently refreshed and updated website -and that was probably just me, then frustration takes over because it seems impossible to "get my website out there".
Then I think: if there are millions of sites like mine out there, and millions of potential visitors everyday, I should have at least one visitor a day -other than myself. Well, that is not very promissing.
So, I googled and read almost every article out there about "How to promote your website". Not to mention the frantic "be-friending" campaign on Facebook, Twitter (I still can't figure that one out) and any other network out there.
It seems that "blogging" is the key. The more you blog, the better your chances of increasing the number of "qualified" visitors to your site. However, you still have to get people to read your blog. So, the question now is, how do you write an interesting blog? I can see myself all over Google again.
It's exhausting! How do they do it?
So, here I am, giving it a shot.
My website is cool. My art is worth the visit. My t-shirt designs are really fun and interesting. This shouldn't be so hard. So, check Today's Featured Product
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