Sunday, January 16, 2011

QR Codes... or Quick Response.

In my quest to "get my website out there", I came across this really interesting way to promote my site.
The QR Codes. These black and white square matrix barcode looking things, are actually barcodes, readable by cell phones with the proper QR Barcode reader application and camera phones; and the information encoded can be text, a URL, a phone number or other data.
So, I figured, if I get my own QR Code and add it to all my promotional items -postards, flyers, stickers, etc,  anyone using a smart phone (with the proper app), can scan it right away and have access not only to my basic information, but also my galleries, my shops, my up-coming events... even my blog.
Who, besides me, doesn't have a cell phone these days? So, it is a no-brainer.
I then went to the QR Code Generator site. and Voilà! Here's my QR code for my website.


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